1. Open -

Type - google gravity

open the first link and stop for 10 sec and see magic.

2. Open -

Type in serchbar - do a barrel roll

and see the magic ,

3. Askew

Simply search for the word "askew." We dare you not to tilt your head.

4. Recursion

Here's one for word nerds and philosophy majors. Search for "recursion" and Google asks "did you mean recursion?"

5. Mentalplex

This one started life as an April Fool's joke, but is still around at Baffle your less Internet-savvy family and friends!

6. Flight simulator

This one began life as an easter egg, and became so well-loved that Google incorporated it as a feature in Google Earth. Click on Tools > Enter Flight Simulator, and you're off and flying around the planet. Bon voyage!

7. Type LET IT SNOW in your google search bar and see what happen!

Please be in our touch to get more this type of tricks

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